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With our competitive prices, high quality product, unequaled industry knowledge and the fastest turnaround in the industry, we've got a lot going for us.  But, we are looking forward to tomorrow and aligning ourselves even better with our customers and their needs.  As a result, we've worked hard to Become just the 2nd manufacturing company in the the Bay Area of California to become certified green.  This is a continual process though.  Pictured at right is our new (2013) array of solar panels, helping us offset 149 tons of carbon emissions each year.

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Kortick was awarded the 2010 Environmental Achievement Award to be presented by the City Council of Hayward, CA.  In the words of Vera Dahle-Lacaze,

"We would like to commend your business for its notable efforts to preserve and enhance the business community and natural environment." 

We are proud of it and hope it to be the first of many.

 solar panels- and green power Many public utility districts are working on green initiatives to improve air and water quality.  And they're not alone.  We aim to be the supplier of choice for companies and utilities looking to reduce their environmental impact.  With our solar additions and our  
Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing is another step Kortick is taking toward improving quality and environmental stewardship.  It dramatically reduces waste, and heavy metals.  A 2006 EPA study stated that the process "approaches zero discharge." Pictured at right is an image of how they perform compared to Hot Dip Galvanizing.  Visit our TDG page to learn more. Environmentally concious galvanizing
Kortick Solar Panels A snapshot of a section of Kortick Manufacturing's new solar panels, installed by Vista Solar.  The facility now generates enough energy to power 28 homes-- enough to offset almost their entire energy bill.  Visit Kortick's website to learn more. 
Kortick's engineers got to put their expertise to work when outfitting Giant's stadium in San Francisco with photo voltaic cells.  We're proud to help working toward a greener tomorrow.  Giants stadium in San Francisco
 On October 30,2009, it became official:  Kortick Manufacturing became the second manufacturing company in the Bay Area to become a certified green business.  We have worked with numerous agencies on plans to reduce our footprint through manufacturing methods and materials.  Some of our more notable improvements include improving our automobile fleets mileage by over 200%, reducing energy consumption by 40% through a period of rapid growth.  We've also reduced office waste, improved our manufacturing processes and developed green friendly industry products.  Green power   Many companies in the power industry are working hard to reduce their environmental footprint.  We aim to be one way that they can take strides toward that goal.  Buying hardware manufactured domestically by a certified green company is certainly a step in the right direction.

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